Version 5.0 now available


IMPORTANT: The minimum screen resolution should be: 1280 X 720

Note: It is recommended that you disable your antivirus software before downloading and during installation.


1- Using your bill, save your purchase code of the softwareClick here

Note:  At the end of your recording, you must select the activation key on the screen, copy it and return to "Download".
You will need this key to activate your software and continue the steps..


2-  Download and install your software, press the button below:  


  Note: Framework 3.5 is required, to download if requested during the installation of TrichoAGcenter: Click here


3-  Start your TrichoAGcenter software, a window like this should appear.


4-  Click activate now


5-  Enter your new activation key in your key space

Example: 3D3F-0906-2D9E-E3EB-0D7A-924C-D39E-FDAD-78 EC-787C
Click on Install



For licence Key

0 = number zero
O = letter o


In the status box, a message will indicate that your license was installed successfully.

Click on Close

Updates can be installed and you should allow Windows to perform the updates by clickingApproved, Next, etc.



6-  If you use a Dino-lite camera, close TrichoAGcenter software, download and install the
     following software:



7-  How to perform the  settings in your software?    Click Here