Dinolite AM4111T
Scalp images magnified 200 times
Compare with images from the photo gallery
Offer a selection of personalised recommendations
Print the client printout that includes before and after photos, the personalised recommendation and more...

Analyse Capillaire Plus, powered by TrichoAGcenter® software, has an array of trichology features such as taking images, image comparison, description of the hair conditions, a product recommendation based on the hair condition, printing the printout in photo format, monitoring examination consultations to see the progress of treatment, and more!


IMPORTANT: WIFI cameras are not compatible with TrichoAGcenter®

With the exception of older Proscope HR models manufactured before 2019,
only Dino-Lite model AM4111T cameras are compatible.

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We offer a 25% discount on renewal fees to all of our customers due to losses caused by covid-19.

Version 5.0 now available TrichoAGcenter® 



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