IMPORTANT: The minimum screen resolution should be: 1280 X 720

Note: It is recommended that you disable your antivirus software before downloading and during installation.




1-  Download and install ProScope Capture v6.9.8Click here

        For the ProScope camera to work properly, it is important to install Proscope Capture v6.7 for Windows 8 or 10.


2-  Using your bill, save your purchase code of the software. Click here

Note:  At the end of your recording, you must select the activation key on the screen, copy it and return to "Download".
You will need this key to activate your software.


3-  Download and install your software, press the button below: 


        Note: Framework 3.5 is required, to download if requested during the installation of TrichoAGcenter: Click here


4-  If you use a Dino-lite camera, download and install the following software: 


5-  Start your TrichoAGcenter software, a window like this should appear.


6-  Click activate now




7-  Enter your new activation key in your key space

Example: 3D3F-0906-2D9E-E3EB-0D7A-924C-D39E-FDAD-78 EC-787C
Click on Install




For licence Key

0 = number zero
O = letter o



In the status box, a message will indicate that your license was installed successfully.

Click on Close



Updates can be installed and you should allow Windows to perform the updates by clickingApproved, Next, etc.


7-  How to perform the  settings in your software?    Click Here